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These past few months as the world changed, we began to look for solutions. We reached out, we asked questions, we sought to help. We believe we have created a unique answer to our new reality, a new way to connect with each other, to experience the world of live music, sports, entertainment, conferences and events. A platform to regain the livelihoods lost with social distancing, to inspire a new creative wave, to connect us all again now and in the future.
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inVisit MiE

Experience the new reality with inVisit, a photo-realistic virtual event & environment platform that allows you to bring people together.  Hear the crowd again, talk with your colleagues, network, visit your favorite club or watch your team with the gang, all of this and more is possible with inVisit. We call it Multi-individual Engagement – MiE, and it’s the next way for companies and organizations to get their customers, fans and audiences to feel like they’re really there.
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Bring people together to watch, interact or participate in all types
of events.

Conferences | Meetings | Tradeshows
Live Music | Sports | Comedy & Theater
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