inVisit SR combines the best of global event production, content creation and gaming technology.

Realistic event environments can be accessed via web browser and launch from any device – computers, tablets, phones, wearables and streaming TV’s.  What’s available and what can be created is an unprecedented online world with absolute freedom for multi-individuals (inVisitors) to experience a world similar to what exists in everyday life, with the ability to perform a wide array of interactions.
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inVisit is a robust platform filled with technical marvels to enhance your experience.

  • Platform agnostic – PC, MAC, Phone, Tablet, TV, and Wearables
  • Cloud-based pixel streamed platform to allow for intimate gatherings and largest audience capacity
  • Live voice capability and specialized spatial audio to allow for multiple experiences at the same time
  • Customizable built-in tools to deliver business or entertainment content to inspire and engage audiences
  • Digital Identity (DI) Modern-day photorealistic avatars transform into an inVisitor that stays with an individual like a personal signature
  • Analytics to measure where, when and how your audience interacts with you, your content and each other
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inVisit is a platform limited only by your imagination. We’ve created a few familiar spaces for your use, but with our infrastructure, you can build custom spaces quickly working with us hand in hand. Your brand experience can come to life for your customers, prospects, and fans.

  • Plaza:  inVisitor Center, Retail Shopping Boutiques, Outdoor Market & Patio
  • Conference & Expo Center: Keynote, Breakout & Meeting Spaces
  • Entertainment Venues: Movie Theater, Music Club, Comedy Club and Sports Arena
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Shared Experiences Reinvented

  • Easily recognize, interact and communicate with one another
  • Enjoy familiar places, play, network, have fun or travel
  • Share content, connect through social media, and find new ways to engage
  • Experience live music, sport and entertainment together
  • Remember why we produce and attend live events in the first place
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Planners, Producers & Entertainers

Looking for new ways to engage your customers, prospects and fans as a:

  • Corporate event producer
  • Musician, artist, entertainer, or athlete looking for a venue to perform
  • Creative event producer in music, film, entertainment, or sports
  • Venue owner or manager
  • Trainer or educator
  • Curious, fun, IT loving individual
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