Weave the Real and Virtual Worlds Together.

inVisit was developed as a collaboration between seasoned pros in events, entertainment and technology. We’ve been weaving real and virtual worlds together for decades, always at the forefront of technology and engagement.
Rather than take your current events and merely replicate them in a technical environment, we will help you rethink your event purpose, goals and objectives from a strategic view and guide you to best express them in this new environment.  Walk with us through the new reality as we explore the solutions together.


Program Ideation
Attendee Journey
Lead Programs
Positioning & Messaging
Thought Leadership Alignment
Sponsorship & Partner Programs

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Campaign Development
Digital & Structural Builds
Event Branding & Signage

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Immersive Experiences
Customer Engagement
Content Development
Social Media Integration

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inVisit was created as a partnership platform to allow producers, agencies, venues, artists, musicians, athletes and teams to take back their lives now and after the pandemic.
inVisit SR works as a live performance platform with built in commerce capabilities. It works as a retail environment or brand experience platform. It works as an education, conference, and training platform. Or, it works simply to showcase your abilities to your chosen audience.
If you would like to speak with us about building your dream environment for yourself or your clients, reach out. We’d love to talk with you.
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